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Intuitive Coaching

One of my clients wished to join the exuberant journey towards heal, health and intuitive coaching. She sent us a letter back and intended the world to read. As one of the most connected nurses, I will continue to enlighten my audience. In that letter, Barb from Ohio wrote the following:

Rhonda is an expert in helping people reconnect with their inner selves. When I encountered Rhonda, I was facing a difficult time in my life. Recently, I had lost my father, which left me distraught. As soon as I met Rhonda, I felt a strong positivity. Rhonda approached me and understood my pain. Through her guidance, I was able to regain my inner self. Through her sharing about my father, I could reconnect with myself.  

She got it right, that’s for sure. I used the technique Rhonda taught me after our session. She has helped me reconnect in positive and happy energy that has restored my inner self.

How To Prepare for an Intuitive Coaching Session

How should I prepare for intuitive coaching? 

Here ares some ways to prepare yourself for a coaching session or any other form of healing work like Reiki, Acupuncture, or CranioSacral therapy.

  • Clear your physical and mental space. Tidy and organize your surroundings. Remove clutter and objects that “do not bring you joy”.
  • Take a shower and put on clean and clothes that you feel relaxed in.
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere through essential oil, white candles or light stretching
  • Put forward your intentions. Be specific about what you would like guidance or healing for.
  • Before you book a coaching session, or any energy healing work, check in with your intuition, God, or higher power to determine that it’s something you are meant to do. It would be best if you believed it further. You shouldn’t hesitate. Listen to your inner knowing if something doesn’t feel right for you (even if you don’t know why).